Application deadline: MONDAY, MAY 8th 3:30PM

For Qualifying LSHS Seniors

  • One $500 Friends of La Serna Scholarship
  • Two $500 Martin Plourde Scholarships available
    2018 winners:
    Carina Santiago - Friends of La Serna Scholarship:
    Alyssa Martinez - Friends of La Serna Scholarship:
    Eric Boutros - Martin Plourde Scholarship:
    Bella Gil - Martin Plourde Scholarship:
    2017 winners:
    Sylvie Oang - Friends of La Serna Scholarship:
    Brenda Heredia - Martin Plourde Scholarship
    Chandler James - Martin Plourde Scholarship
    2016 winners:
    Natalie Lopez - Friends of La Serna Scholarship
    Matt Nakpawan - Friends of La Serna Scholarship
    Camila Bautista - Martin Plourde Scholarship

    Every year, two stellar senior students from La Serna High School are selected to receive The Martin Plourde Scholarship sponsored by Friends of La Serna (FOLS).
    Our Board of Directors has renewed The Friends of La Serna Scholarship for the another year.
    To learn more about the scholarship criteria and qualifications, please see the application forms.

    The Martin Plourde Scholarship is $500 for each winner, a total of two are being awarded.
    To qualify you must be a senior and the first to attend college in your family.
    It is also based on grades, school participation, community service and ultimately “Being Your Best!”
    You may also go to the College Center for more information.

    Please note that the application submission deadline is april/may every year (see above for exact date).
    Applications are also available at the school's College and Career Center.
    Turn in the application to the pricipal's office.
    Spread the word!!!!!

    Best Regards,

    Frances Vilaubi
    Board Member