PAVILLIONS/VONS eScript Fundraising Program

PAVILLIONS/VONS eScrip* is a fundraising program where families can sign up and support the school of their choice by simply shopping at Vons or Pavilions with their Vons Club Card or Pavilions Value Card. Note: If you have registered previously, you do need to renew with E-scrip for Vons/Pavilions by *Nov 1st* of each year to avoid disruptions to your contributions. Our group # is (ID#500030130).
Do you shop at Vons/Pavillions? Are you a Vonsís Club Member?

How to participate: Link your existing club card online at "Friends of La Serna Rewards Program" (ID#500030130) or pick up a flyer from our Business & Activities Office. DON'T DELAY!
Note: you need to re-link your card to FOLS on September 1st or later of each school year.

How to participate: Join online or pick up a flyer at the Activities Office or...

We need your continued support.